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A guide to turbocharged mathematical typesetting
Quickly write math in LaTeX using (Neo)Vim and snippets

Find your footing on Arch Linux
Bite-sized tutorials to help you set up a functional work environment after a minimal install of Arch

Deploy a Laravel web app
A guide to deploying a web application with a Laravel backend and a JavaScript-based frontend on a dedicated or virtual private server.


1500+ pages of undergraduate physics notes typeset with LaTeX
From the final two years of undergrad at the Faculty of Math and Physics in Ljubljana

ROF tutorstvo 2022/23
Spletna stran tutorstva za predmet Računalniška orodja v fiziki


Undergraduate “mini-thesis”
End-to-end particle physics classification with convolutional neural networks

Digital Hilbert transformer “from scratch”
A (near) real-time FIR Hilbert transformer and bandpass filter using Python’s Numpy and PyAudio